WHO IS JUNGLEˣ #4 -The meaning behind the "X" logo-


Today, May 3, is JUNGLEˣ's Founding Life Knowledge Day. On this memorable day, we will begin using the X written by Shisyu as our logo for the year 2022. We were asked to represent JUNGLEˣ and JUNGLER who challenge the world.
In this issue of WHO IS JUNGLEˣ #4, we would like to explain why we use "X," which many companies, especially startups, use as their name, and the meaning behind the "X".

Redefining the Term

Those who have read our Note or looked at our website have probably felt uncomfortable with our using the superscript ˣ instead of the regular X.
The first reason we employ ˣ in superscripts is to redefine the term. We offer the world a whole new value system of Betting for Good, betting that contributes to society. And we believe that providing new values requires a redefinition of terms.
For example, until about ten years ago, people were known as gamers or geeks. However, with the redefinition of terms such as streamer, professional gamer, eSports, etc., they are now being looked up to and have become so popular that they are on the shortlist of jobs that children want to pursue.
JUNGLEˣ is an organization that changes human aesthetics and behavior through JUNGLE Bet and the various content it will distribute to the world. One manifestation of this attitude is the redefinition of the commonplace X and the adoption of the superscript ˣ.

Exponential Function

The second reason we dare to adopt the superscript ˣ is to represent that we are aiming for exponential growth.
We prefer outliers. JUNGLEˣ is taking on the 330 trillion yen global betting market as a Japanese startup, having advanced strategies and seeking exceptional human resources to make the purpose a reality. It is not the conventional 2x or 3x (multiply), but X^2 or X^3 (exponentiation).

Location of the Treasure

Our X also means a cross mark rather than an X. For example, a cross on a map indicates where the treasure is.
JUNGLEˣ believes that betting is a treasure that can change the world. Naturally, it is the material treasure of money flow obtained by governing a market of 330 trillion yen. Although the betting market is gradually becoming more common due to the power of technology, it is still mainly an underground market.Betting that can earn an army of money enough to contribute to society is a treasure.
Moreover, it is also the spiritual treasure in the sense that users can enrich their minds by enjoying the betting content JUNGLEˣ will provide. Fun whether you win or lose, enjoyable for generations to come, and increasing the spiritual assets of humans, JUNGLEˣ will pursue such betting.

Turning Incorrect answers into Correct answers

JUNGLEˣ is an organization that uses something bad in the public eye, betting, to solve a global problem - an organization that one poison drives out another. There are strategies in JUNGLEˣ to use addictiveness, which people should list as a disadvantage of betting, for the benefit of society.
Also, inside JUNGLEˣ are many unconventional crew members who other companies, especially Japanese companies, will not value. Rather than all-rounders who can do it all, we are looking for those who excel in their strengths and have different talents. JUNGLEˣ is an environment where even those who would be valued with a cross mark in the world can be turned into a check mark.
Most people believe in X, but the truth is the opposite of X. -Peter Thiel

Nature of Researchers

Furthermore, the cross also indicates we are looking for people with the nature of researchers.
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For researchers, failure, or a cross mark, is the norm. Accumulating a stack of cross marks is never a failure but a sign that you are getting closer to success. "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." is perhaps inventor Thomas Edison's all-too-famous phrase.
JUNGLEˣ sees the understanding of the scientific method and stress tolerance as one of the nature of researchers that allows them to view such an accumulation of cross marks in a positive light.


How was this article? I hope that you can gain some insight into the culture of JUNGLEˣ through this article.
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