How I Became a Jungler#2 T TSUMURA's case


This is the second article in a series of entries in which crew members=JUNGLER will tell you about the attraction and company culture of JUNGLEˣ and talk about their encounter with JUNGLEˣ and motivation for joining.
How I Became a Jungler#1 M MATSUMOTO's case -The story of a University of Tokyo student's first career All-IN to a betting startup-2022/4/12 6:252022/5/31 10:21
Writing the second installment is T TSUMURA, who works mainly as a backend engineer.

How I Became a Jungler

Speaking for myself, I have lived my life as I go along and have not made any important decisions or choices.
I think I had some intention of choosing to come to Tokyo. I joined WARRIORS and started my own business not because I wanted to do anything specific, but because I was invited to do so, because I had no reason not to, and because I did not think I could find a job. ......, although this is starting to look like a pretty good reason to list it.
So I am at a loss if you ask me why I joined the club. When asked if I shouldn't be a company employee, I can only say, "No, well, not really. ......”
This was not the first major decision I had ever made, and I guess my decision to join JUNGLEˣ was the result of being swept along by the currents of life.
Maybe there was some principle, will, or motive at the time, but whatever it was, I am sure it was to the degree that I no longer remember. I probably didn't refuse because I couldn't think of any reason to do so or because it looked fun or some reason like that. I don't remember.
However, I know that I have been blessed with good relationships to have been able to live my life the way I have, and I know that I can make the "choice" the right one. It's fun to be in a place where I have a lot of discretion, and I want to do my best at work so that I don't get sick.
This is end of my entry and T was in charge. What's with the name? No, well, nothing. ......


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