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Event Director

People in the world are running after honor and profit. In such a time, who else would be like me, abandoning honor and profit? Even if I died in prison, I would not hold a grudge. -Shinsaku Takasugi SAMURAI Revolutionary 

Become a Jungler

With "Good Betting, Good Life"as our purpose, we aim to solve global issues through our betting business.
Our services will dramatically change the definition of Betting and bring about a new customer experience. This is not a pie-in-the-sky scenario.
We are looking for a Jungler, a person with outstanding abilities and talents who shares our philosophy and can accelerate our Betting business for the benefit of society.

Event Director

The Events Director is responsible for the operations of all activations related to off-site virtual, hybrid, and face-to-face event experiences.
JUNGLEˣ will provide our brand new sports event, lectures, conferences, presentations, etc.
First and most recently, you will develop our brand new sports event experience for participating athletes, online bettors, SportsDJs, and local cheering fans.
We need your excellent project management skills and creativity.

CEO of Your Territory

  • Identify pre/live and post production requirements and handle scheduling of work across the team
  • We need your excellent project management skills and creativity.
  • Work closely with the event management team, event production company, and the venue's AV team to provide the necessary advice and producer for off-site events
  • Create and implement new event formats and engagement strategies to drive the event experience for those on-site and at home
  • Track and share lessons learned from each production and reflect them in future production
  • Manage department’s financial processes including forecasts and reporting
  • Manage long-term internal-and external strategic partnerships for seamless event delivery
  • Manage your team
  • Showing options and accurate estimates needed to make the best decisions

Basic Qualifications

  • Demonstrable experience in managing mass-attendance sporting events, as well as proven development of new event formats
  • Live Event and/or TV Broadcast production experience at a team lead/senior producer level
  • Proven history of increasing fan event experiential outcomes
  • Advanced production, project and budget management skills
  • Proven ability to operationalize business strategies
  • Experience hiring and negotiating contractual agreements with vendors
  • Excellent understanding of the Event industry and its trends
  • Strong analytical and strategic problem-solving capabilities
  • Strong verbal, written and presentation skills
  • Financial and business acumen
  • A wide ranging and well-connected network of contacts
  • Working proficiency in English (For non-native English speakers)
  • Can define and set milestones of volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous tasks, then get things done

Preferred Skills and Experience

  • You should be an experienced production professional with strong expertise in all aspects of live event and broadcast production
  • Demonstrated experience in leading, coaching, driving and inspiring hybrid teams
  • Track record of using techniques and tools to enhance audience engagement and speaker/presenter experience

Diversity & Inclusion

At JUNGLEˣ, recruitment and post-employment evaluations are based solely on merit, ability, and qualifications and are not influenced in any way by sex, race, religion or belief, ethnic or national origin, disability, age, citizenship, marital, domestic, or civil partnership status, sexual orientation, gender identity, pregnancy, maternity, or related condition (including breastfeeding) or any other basis as protected by applicable law.

About You

  • You share the same aesthetic sense as Jungler.
  • You are curious and eager to learn.
  • You are serious about their work and can work creatively to achieve team goals.
  • An ability to work backward from a set goal to find the necessary information, identify the problem, and work autonomously to solve it.・

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