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This is the eighth entry project in which crewmembers of the jungle jungle will talk about their encounters with the jungle jungle and their reasons for joining the jungle jungle, giving you a sense of its appeal and corporate culture.
This article is about Hallamix TANABE in the jungleˣ. Please take a look.


Hello, my name is Hallamix TANABE. I joined Jungleˣ as a new graduate in March 2023.
Incidentally, I am happy to be the first female crew member in the current high IQ and high EQ structure of Jungleˣ.
As a result of the inevitable coincidence of all the timing, I would like to talk about how I met Panja and then All in the Jungleˣ.

Study abroad

I graduated from National Taiwan University in Taiwan last year.
Why did you go to Taiwan? I am always asked this question, but it was not because I love Taiwan or because the food is delicious. I just wanted to enter Taiwan University was the only reason I jumped into Taiwan.
When I was attending university in Japan, I was happy and comfortable in my own way, but I just couldn't give up on my dream of going to an old imperial university.
I was not confident that I could say with pride that I was satisfied with my current situation in a life that did not change every day, so I decided to go to Taiwan with that in mind. I want to go to an imperial university overseas and look back at the people around me.
In order to create a situation where there was no escape, I took the outrageous step of quitting university before studying abroad, and from there, after a year and a half of intense study, I was able to enrol at Taiwan University. To be honest, if I had wanted a comfortable environment, I would surely have stayed in Japan. But there was no reason not to try when I could grab the chance to go to a higher world.
Looking back, this decision was a great decision. Until then, I had often made decisions based on my surroundings, but by taking charge of my own life for the first time, I learnt to live on my own axis and not on the axis of others, and to take responsibility for my own decisions.

Encounters with the Jungleˣ

My encounter with Jungleˣ came unexpectedly.
Last year, when I was about to graduate from university and was unsure about my career choice, I happened to meet Panja at a gathering of overseas Chinese in Taiwan. Even now, I cannot forget that strong impression. During the meal, people around me repeatedly told me that the betting business was difficult and dangerous,
「Betting一定可以改變這世界,我一定要改變」 (*translation Change the world with Betting, I will change it)
When I saw him make his decision without changing colour, I thought, "What a strong willed person he is!" I felt an extraordinary aura that attracted people and I could not forget it.
I had never heard of betting before that day, but as soon as I got home, I bought a book from Taiwan titled "Don't Live for Nothing, Die Hot" written by Panja (the title is strong, but it is full of all views on life and aesthetics), and read all the jungle and betting-related articles I could find. I read and read. From that day on, I could only imagine myself working as a Jungler.
I have to confess that I felt guilty about my entry here because of the entry entries written by other crew members at the time and the content of the Jungleˣs website, and felt that it would be reckless for me to make an entry here without any skills or experience.
But life is finite and you never know when you will die. That is why I don't want to have regrets.
When I was a sophomore at university, I lost my mother, the only family member who gave me free love and who was also my best friend. What I learnt from that is that I am steadily moving towards death every second of my life. That is why I want to live in the present moment with importance.
As my motto goes, 'Courage is for a moment, regret is for a lifetime'. You only live once, so I definitely don't want to have any regrets.
I made up my mind to have this moment of courage, so I contacted Panja directly and begged her to let me be a member of the Jungler team and to interview me. Looking back, I think I was fearless and took a bold step.
After that, I had several online interviews, and then I was allowed to fly to Ishigaki Island for the final interview (it was the interview of my life, and I was so nervous that I forgot all the words I had practised so much beforehand and my mind went blank).

Reasons for deciding to join Jungleˣ

I decided to join Jungleˣ for two main reasons.
The number one reason is that I wanted to follow Panja.
In the book "Don't Live for Nothing, Die Hot", it was written that "the shortcut to success is to find a hero you respect and get physically close to him or her, and to greedily learn everything from his or her work to the way of life from that person". I was convinced that she would make it happen, and that working with her on the business would be rewarding for me and allow me to grow.
The second reason is because I share Jungleˣ's Purpose. Jungleˣ has a Purpose of 'Good Betting, Good Life'. Incidentally, Purpose is the highest concept that can be summed up in one sentence. Instead of the words 'vision' or 'mission' that you see in general corporate philosophies, this single word perfectly expresses the ideal world we are aiming for.
To provide a betting experience that makes people happy whether they win or lose, ultimately solving global issues and providing heartfelt enrichment to all involved. Since I was a small child, I have always found it most rewarding to make the people around me happy. I felt that the philosophy of using betting as a powerful weapon to properly give back to society and deliver spiritual wealth and happiness to as many people as possible was extremely valuable, and I decided to join the team because I wanted to make it a reality for sure.

Days as a Jungler

It has been two months since I joined the group and, looking back, it has been an angry time. At Jungleˣ we have a MTG with everyone every morning. Every day, we are asked to share Panja's thoughts on the business and even the way we work. Every day we write down what we learnt that day, and I realised that we had used up a whole book in two months. That's how much we learnt in those two months.
However, correct knowledge is also completely meaningless if it is just input. It is only when you output it that it becomes yours. From now on, I will be aware that I have been entrusted with a major role as Jungleˣs PR and CX manager, and I would like to further improve the quality of my own work while communicating the attractions and information of Jungleˣs.

What I want to achieve

Many people in Japan have a limited understanding of betting or still have a negative impression of it. But that is the key point. I feel that it is worth doing because it is a difficult business that no one else is doing. It is precisely because we pursue what no one else is doing that we can accumulate so much know-how, reach new heights and create innovative innovations. I want to overturn the existing concept of betting 180 degrees from a completely different angle and provide a new value system of "betting that makes the world happy".
In addition, the addictive nature of betting is the reason why operators are fully tested on their dignity. In order to make the world a better place by utilising the addictive nature of betting, which is generally regarded as a badge of honor, I believe that it is important for me, as a jungler, to first love the betting business from the bottom of my heart and to convey the essential values that Jungleˣs stands for to the maximum extent. Specifically, I want to thoroughly pursue the quality of our products and provide warm-hearted, non-organic service to each and every one of our customers.
I have written at length, but in closing. As a jungler, I will do everything I can to contribute, and I am fully committed to working towards the realisation of 'Good Betting, Good Life'.
Thank you for reading to the end.


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