Entry #6 Woz ISHIKAWA's case


This is the 6th article in a series of entries in which crew members=JUNGLER will tell you about the attraction and company culture of JUNGLEˣ and talk about their encounter with JUNGLEˣ and motivation for joining.
This article is by Woz ISHIKAWA from the Dev team at JUNGLEˣ. Please take a look.
My name is Woz ISHIKAWA and I joined the team in July 2017. I am currently working as a defensive engineer, mainly related to the back-end, API, infrastructure and patents of the JUNGLEˣ betting service.

Previous job

Previously, as CTO of a SaaS start-up for business applications such as accounting, payroll and taxation, I worked through Series A and B, expanding the number of engineers from zero (I was the first) to just over 30, and building up the service.
I joined this start-up in 2009 because I fell in love with its roadmap, which was 'crazy' in the best sense of the word, to create a large-scale business application that had been built up over nearly 30 years, all in just three years and provide it via the cloud, and the idea that this would create vitality and circulation for sole traders and SMEs across Japan.
The only limitation here, however, is that
The market was not global in the first place, and for nearly eight years I had not had the opportunity to write code myself, missing out on one of my own fundamental joys, that of seeing my creations in the hands of others.


When I changed jobs in 2017, I was considering business SaaS, machine learning and crypto, which are close to my field. In the process, I had the opportunity to speak with Panja from JUNGLEˣ.
The JUNGLEˣ with its "global" and "10 trillion yen company building" dantes of "madness". I was strongly attracted by the fact that it is based around sports betting, a service that strikes at the fundamental human excitement.
I was also numb to the genius idea of distributing the energy gained through betting to athletes and creatives, rather than just making money from betting.
There is a fundamental difference between making money and distributing it when there is a surplus, and making money on the basis that it was originally intended to be circulated.
Even in my previous job, which seemed to be completely different from betting, we shared a common theme of economic cycles on a micro level, and that theme stuck with my personal motivations. Furthermore, the big picture of starting with a UK betting licence, which is the mainstay of sports betting in the world. (This big-picture approach is also evident in the fact that since I joined a year later, I have been awarded more than 10 patents related to betting and NFTs in a short period of time.)
Later, Panja asked me, "Name your ten favourite historical figures?" I was asked. I answered Hannibal Barca, Marcus Aurelius... and so on, and then asked Panja, who replied, "Genghis Khan (she said she would answer Alexander to a partner based in Western culture)".
Both Genghis Khan and Alexander conquered the world by organising armies with technologies and implementations that the world at the time could not conceive of. They were also skilled in the art of wits, spreading an image of overwhelming military power and brutality, and expanding without unnecessary bloodshed by surrendering before a fight.
This image of Genghis Khan and others overlaps with that of Panja, who carefully prepares from the big picture, never missing a moment to attack, and making moves seven or eight moves ahead as a matter of course. The Panja I felt intuitively at the time and the Panja I know now, five years later, are the same.
This is how I joined the JUNGLEˣ.
The last time I was in Azabu was at a cigar bar in Azabu, drinking a Moscow Mule. This Moscow Mule looked like the three glasses of honey wine (mead) that the Norse god Odin serves when he makes a pact with a human. (At the time I was hooked on the Amazon drama American Gods.)


How was this article? This was Woz ISHIKAWA's entry into the group.
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